Creative and security information specialist: the indipendence is a imperfect world of freedom

I was hoping don’t write again a critical post on some arguments because this publication is born with a different purpose, but the persistence of events not related to my will oblige me to write again a critical post.

The indipendence and the freedom of thinking taught me by my parents, in south of Italy they often clashed with events didn’t depend from my will but from the circumstances where the diversity and the creativity aren’t view as an added value that can innovate a process for the improvement of society. 

Before me, many independent creatives and ethical hackers have talk about this subject, I could have to refrain to speak but I’m a creative coder and sometimes I don’t accept the interference of some people that aren’t in the sector of creativity and computing. 

Many people define itself “creative”or “security information specialist”, also when it’s not so. 

A client call a physician, a lawyer or an accountant because you need of that professional worker and you aren’t able to do that work, but when a client calls a creative or an information security specialist, they often think to know more than the contractor. 

If you ask them a work it’s because you don’t do their works. 

I studied Engineering, also I have not graduate, and I know the professional corporation, but sometimes in some sectors it’s impossible to work also if you are qualified only because you don’t have the title so you have to search for a technical solution to work and this oblige you to spend long times to inactivity. 

In a tweet on my private profile I said: “the creative thinking and the security information are a forma mentis and not only a set of skills” because every creative and information technologist have a particular competence and backgound. 

The competence and the professionality are not lied to a title but from the capacity you have acquired in the time. 

In Italy the creative and information security sectors have many problems because some professionality accept compromises, and all efforts of professional that don’t accept these compromises were in vain and create difficulties to work. 

If I express an argued critic, none can interfere in my personal and professional life to take my opinion in their advantage. 

If you give a wrong answer, you are wrong. 

I evaluate the facts in the time and not the late apology of people they don’t work in right direction. 

If you prefer an old thinking instead of a new vision you allow that the appearence, to copy other’s ideas, the reccomendation and the incorrectness have more value than the essence, the originality, the meritocracy and the professionality that are worth zero when it’s necessary opposite. 

To create, it’s means give a form to substance, give a direction to fantasy, create is own brand that represents the personality, the unicity, the vivacity of creative thinking. 

If advertising is born to sell something, the image is used to look like unique also that product that is not unique and to forget the creative process of graphic designer. 

The creativity is a process and the image is only the result of the process, if you think all images can represent the creativity, you are wrong because the process is a different thing. 

Respect the creative, respect his creative process and you can have the right image for your contract. Respect the security information specialist (or other persona have the know how of security information) and then you have the right work for your contract, don’t wait because than you pay the lossless and don’t pretend who repairs your error can do it in a simple or painless way.