Creative and Cyber Security Specialist: my history is different

In the first post I have drawn up a series of topics on which to write but a series of events, unrelated to my will, that have prevented me in the recent months to continue serenely for the professional road I had chosen, they oblige me to diverge from that imaginary line drafted to argue some critic issues.

As a woman who chose Engineering when all the girls made choices of university courses easier because gently encouraged by families rather than aware of their real needs; as a woman, who since she was still a teenager would have liked to be an entrepreneur in the various innovative sectors, I regret to note that all these years has not changed much.

Even if it can be anachronistic, for many people it’s difficult to accept that women can choose a path give them economic autonomy but especially freedom of thinking and even if it’s be absurd sometimes arrive some events that even the fantasy cannot imagine.

In the choices for my personal and formative necessity I have learned a fundamental thing: in life you can read and study all books you want but you acquire skills from self same life, the people you meet, the people whom you interact, the people whom you share and exchange the know how and the thinking. This consent you to grow, especially if that people belong to different culture and vision.

Being different and confronting each other to learn how to be equal is the principle idea of my life and in the choices of my life.

My path in the faculty of Engineering , in a different city from hometown, was the beautiful experience of my life, and the faculty was my second family in a period when women in the engineering sector are few.

Engineering is one of STEM pathway that I would like to recommend to all girls want to match for the next challenges of future.

I have learned from it a "forma mentis" that help me in the daily life and for the international public relations for professional future.

Having made this choice in different years from the today’s time has allowed me to see many changes in what is now linked to the womenintech and metoo movements.

I was always respected from tutors and colleagues men, with some rare exceptions, but hindered from tutors and colleagues women, also here with necessary exceptions.

The same respect I have found in the faculty of Engineering , unfortunately I haven’t found in the real life and in the virtual life as creative and cyber security specialist.

I have revealed recently to be a cyber security specialist, I didn’t want to reveale this aspect of my life because I think in cyber security it can works better the researchs and analytics of new scenarios when none know about you but unfortunately it’s not more possible.

I say with bitterness that many times I have been attacked for personal motivations rather than professional for issues related to the incapacity of those around me to cope with valid arguments to his bad choices in terms of computer security, or worse to divergent positions of thought from mine.

Exactly for these motivations I have choose in 2011 to be independent so to avoid from professional divergent thinking and to be free to give a right criticism to the bad choices in the security information sector.

The independence was an ethical choice to tell NO, I don’t do this work because it’s against my principles, the possibility to say if you want this type of work you choose another person.

It cost me a lot to do it but I did so many choices of life to be able to look in the mirror and say I’m okay with myself and if I owe something I owe it only to my conscience.

Those people who in recent years have hindered me and can not argue the reasons give a gift to all: dedicate you to silence.