Fractal images: from the math of color and forms to deconstruction

When the first time I have deconstructed a fractal image, it's not been a good experiment, but all experimental artist know that the wrong attempt sometimes open new ways on different horizon.

The image is still in the web and sometimes come out from the memories of google search...

Sometimes maybe we are very conscious where we want to go but it's not always the initial path the right way to began because it's uneven, above all "the technique needs time to be refined and the theory needs time to be developed".

The first images used were bidimensional and today I yet continue to work on that technique to deconstruct the fractal images inspite there are 3D software for fractal art and I often work with generative art where I use algorithm in movement rather then static images.

The choise to deconstruct a fractal image it's not a chance; the fractal images are interesting but I wanted something different; I wanted my fractal images will be recognizable for external characteristic on fractal algorithm and so I developed my personal technique to deconstruct images using the knowledge of graphic information and the softwares I had to disposition in that moment.

The fractal images are special, they derives from geometric function with the caracteristic of autosimilarity, for this motivation when we explore a fractal in software we can see in a highlight a similarity to initial function.

My main interest in the fractal software are the internal color function, an usefull instrument to learn the color management, to armonize and to compose the colors in complex images.

The color is a main appereance in the fractals but the color function are an important aspect in the variation of the forms in the fractal algorithm.

Exactly the color is a fundamental aspect in these software and it has the maior impact in the others sectors such as design, architecture and generative art.

The color is an important appereance in many sector from industrial design, to fashion design, to architecture; also when it seems not important it is implied in design process.

Since I create my first fractal images for “Benoit Mandelbrot fractal art contest" I have always search in the fractal explorer images represent my cultural backgroud not only for the forms but expecially for the colors, also the software is old software of 10 years ago.

To distinguish oneself it's not a negative thing and I retain that it's a necessary point of view to not conform to an artistic current.

To deconstruct is a complex process and it supposes analysis and synthesis.

Beginning from a simple form as a sphere, proceeding to breakdown and recomposition stages we can reach a maior degree of complexity and plasticity but for fractal images the deconstruction is a complex process because the fractals are already complex forms.

The theory of fractal is also the theory of chaos, just for this motivation applying the deconstruction we can obtain an image that is not aestetically interesting so only some image are suitable for the deconstruction.

I can speach deeply about deconstruction in a next post