Fractal patterns and singularity: unicum and continuum, iteration and interaction.

When I met fractals and fractal art, what aroused my interest were fractal patterns with their forms and geometric structure.

These graphic elements are suitable for studies on pattern in architecture and in industrial design and they have the feature of being creative pattern very artistic and useful for digital art and drawing fabric in the fashion design.

Their compositional relations, the way the form is repeated, and specially that patterns in which there are singolarity have been the object of my studies for many years before arriving at deconstructivism on digital images and in generative art.

The most interesting aspect of the fractal patterns are the variation of structure for the overlap of different structures, the iteration and interaction of the structures between them, or the optical effect of light and colors on the structures.

Among all fractal patterns my interests are focused on patterns have deformation points and show a graphic singularity or discontinuity in the structure, an asymmetry point in a symmetric structure.

A singularity in the rhythm and the repetition of the pattern show the way as a single element (unicum) can meet a relation in a modular structure (continuum) through an iteration and/or an interaction carrying with them an unexpected geometric composition that it can be always different in the act of iteration.

An unicum can be place on continuum and complete it until they don’t recognize each other or create a fracture in the structure, in both the cases the new created pattern tends to be completely different from unicum and from continuum also it can be visible inside.

The architecture and especially the town-planning are full of theory and examples of continuum and unicum, of iteration and interaction. The study of geometry and fractals is a way to understand some forms and geometry visible in the architecture and town-planning but also a way to develop new forms with them and geometry.