Notes from creative journey: “The Thinking Behind”

I begin again to write after a long time of silence and after I have kept at a safe distance the world of writing. It’s not easy to return on one’s steps, especially if you are a visual creative who uses the writing for the necessary to explain the own projects.

It’s hard to explain to people who read you, the reasons which take you to open a publication on web, it’s hard to not think how you can make known the arguments each time you will discuss if you know these arguments are not common but there are few people interested them.

I think the first post must be a preface on what we would like write in the following posts. It must represent our imaginary line on which to pin down the topics we would like to talk about, a reference for all those times we lose sight the pourpose for which to write, a note to be read every time it’s missing the reasons to continue, an engagement to be revise to the need to reorganize own work in a new viewpoint and under new scenary.

I have always asserted that creative professional have to combine a portfolio of their works with a space where they explain their artworks, not a backstage but rather than a space where they speach about the thinking behind their works, an explanation of the way and the philosophy that lead them to realize that kind of work. Here the motives for the name of my publication “The Thinking Behind Design”.

Begin again to write will be for me an adventure, as for me it was an adventure begin a path into digital arts in 2011, after I have choosen to move away me for disappointment the idea design competitions and the personnel selections by recruiters, architectural studios, information companies and design companies so to create something new and different.

I didn’t know where this course would take me but I was aware of a new path as independent because indipendence is as imagination and it takes you in journey that others will never dream to cross and from which cannot go back but only go come on.

The fundamental principle that has accompanied me in recent years has been to turn to innovation in the forms and in the creative process because without innovation and experimentation we don’t go far but we remain in old knowledge also if we know that we would to respect tradition but it’s necessary to review it, to disanchor it from present and from a common point of view that still claims to remain tied to something known rather than investing in a new thinking and operating.

Woman in the creative sector, atypical coder with a passion for new technologies and information security, a background in STEM education often I find peoples that don’t understand my visual works which lives of interdisciplinarity and new technologies. My artworks are mainly abstract and often the introduction of work doesn’t enough to explain what you create. Many people love traditional arts, the digital arts aren’t considered art and if your works are in non ordinary sector of digital arts you don’t find people who support you on the contrary you have to fight the double to obtain the right recognition for your work.

The need to be concise in the explanation to leave space for the visual part of work doesn’t allow you to explain what is behind the artistic choise, the reasons which take you to create that kind of works rather than another kind of work, the path takes you to realize the work.

The creative thinking is a complex thinking, sometimes it requires moments of reflection and revision, moments which take you again on works archived as not realizable that can be revised in new scenarios and new perspectives after you have added new knowledges at your background.

Here is the space where I will explain all the things you don’t feel from images, the choise and the motivations to realize some works.

I will not explain the tecniques but the deep motive of my works.

I will not have a specific calendar to follow for posts and sometimes probably I will speach about other arguments away from this preface. The critical thinking, that has take me to change something of my life and has take me to work in the digital arts as indipendent, is the mainly reason of my works in these years. Then it will be useful to read again this preface, it will be useful to remember the promise to talk about some arguments and to review the imaginary line drawn so not to distract me too much.

DEDICATION: This publication is dedicated to the only two people who have always supported in my life choises despite everything and everyone and from whom I have learned the most important thing: the value of freedom choise, autonomy of thinking, meritocrazy, respect of principles and people.